Recent Projects

Selected Editorial Work

Feature Writing + Photos

India’s Big Bet on Identity

The world’s largest biometric authentication system reaches its first major milestone, but lots of challenges remain

Event Coverage

CES 2014: Complete Coverage of the Best Emerging Tech

The IEEE Spectrum team on the hottest gadgets and technology trends

I was responsible for remotely managing, editing, and coordinating logistics for a team of reporters at the show. I built the landing page and updated it with the team’s real-time reporting.

Selected Development Work

D3 Chart
Newsroom Tool
D3 Chart

The Two Faces of Hacking

We wanted a fun way of collecting and connecting some of disparate coverage we were doing at the time. We also wanted to show the different connotations of the word “hack” as used in different contexts. The matrix is populated from a Google Spreadsheet using Tabletop.js.

Links: in context, code

Interactive Graphic

I took a print infographic about global water issues and rebuilt it as an interactive map. (Yes, it’s Flash—it’s from 2009.) One challenge was to accurately plot locations on a painted map with an unknown projection.